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Massage Vancouver WA

The benefits and rewards of massage are tremendous. Massage relives stress which can lead to illnesses and overall fatigue. Routine massage has shown in many studies to be highly beneficial to a persons overall health and well being. Research has shown that massage has been proven to aid in immune system function and can help rid the body of toxins as well as improve overall alertness and reflexes. It can also help aid anxiety and depression problems as well. Massage aids in reducing the amount of the stress hormone, cortisol which has been linked a long list of health issues. Massage can also help with injuries caused by repetitive strain and trauma. But best of all a massage just feels great and can help you relax and unwind!

With all that said, there is no reason why you should not take the time out for a great massage today!

Our massage packages are the perfect gift for yourself or anyone who needs a massage. You may purchase any of the massage packages below  as a git card redeemable at our massage and spa in Vancouver WA. Treat yourself or a friend to a relaxing massage today!

Hot Stones Massage

The Stones help relax the muscles and dissolve away areas of stress. This provides relief from pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis  and other chronic conditions. This treatment also decreases muscle pain and spasms by reducing chronic stress and tension. 
60 min – $90


Swedish Massage

The Swedish treatment massage is a very relaxing experience. Using light pressure and we focus on muscles and relieving areas of stress. This increases the level of oxygen in the blood, decreases muscle toxins and improves circulation.

We also increase the flexibility of your joints by easing muscle tension.  60 min $75



Deep Tissue Massage

This massage technique uses slower, more forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Excellent for relieving muscle pain from injuries.

Price: $85.00



Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage

This is a completely safe massage at any stage of pregnancy. It relieves headaches, relaxes muscle tension and reduces fatigue. This also helps alleviate backaches and leg cramps, plus reduces swelling/edema. $85


No Stress Express Massage

A Mini-Massage which relieves tension in the neck and your upper body muscles. This is stress relief in it’s most efficient form!

30 min $45


Sports Massage

Our sports massage is similar to the Swedish Massage but it is geared more toward people involved in sporting activities. This service relieves the pain and inflamation in over-worked areas of the body. Your body will feel incredibly renewed!

60 min $85


​Reiki Healing Massage

Stress reduction and relaxation are the focus of this massage which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities.
Reiki healing is a natural therapy that gently balances life energies and promotes health and well being.

Price: $85.00



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